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Chrysler Flex Fold Tester  

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Chrysler Flex Fold Tester


Chrysler LP-463LB-9-01, Chrysler LP-463KB-13-01, Chrysler LP-463KB-10-01, IFAI J1531, Commercial Standard CS-273-65?


The Chrysler Flex Fold Tester was designed for the determination of the mechanical stability of anchorage of the coating materials to the backing fabric, due to flexing and folding.

Product Information:

Flex and Fold Tester determines the breakdown resistance of leather, vinyl coated fabric, synthetics, rubberoids, paper, and the like. Product applications which call for flexing and folding may cause your material to split, crack, craze, or separate at the seam. To predict these types of degradation, it is important to simulate the mechanical action taking place in your product's service life environment. The flexing action replicates the physical stresses normally exerted on fabrics and other materials in various automotive, commercial and industrial environments, allowing you to predict the durability of the materials when assembled in their final form.

Test specimens are easily clamped into one of four sample positions. Three of these positions perform flex testing. The sample is held under a uniform tension of the while moving one end of while moving one end of the sample through a given distance each side of the perpendicular. This action creates flexural stresses and strain on the sample, which simulates normal wear and causes the material to break down. A change in length of the sample gives a further indication of the material's breakdown.

Once elongated to the point of failure, the bottom of the sample holder triggers a shut-off switch to automatically conclude the test. Upon conclusion of the test, the operator may record the number of cycles indicated on the cycle counter, remove the failed specimen and restart the test for the remaining samples.

The fold test is conducted on the fourth sample, which is clipped into place between two plates at the far end of the instrument. The sample is folded against itself with the finish side out when the two plates are pressed together under a specified tension.